Hi all

Join me and the Ghost Hunting Company at the awesome Gwrych Castle, in Wales as we investigate its haunted history.

This promises to be a very interesting night indeed, with many a strange incident witness at this location.
Stories of Gwrych Castle being haunted have been told for many years. Some tales tell of a ghostly white lady who wanders the castle and the grounds, thought to be Lady Dundonald who once lived at Gwrych Castle; many have caught her violet-scented perfume as she wanders past. During the start of restoration works in 2014 activity and sightings seemed to have increased. Visitors have seen unexplained ghost lights in and around the castle, and dogs behave oddly, barking at things that cannot be seen; one was so scared by something that it jumped over a tower, (but survived the 50ft drop after crashing through branches of the trees below!). Paranormal investigators visiting the castle have had trigger objects move by unseen hands; witnessed shadows; caught strange lights on camera, and have captured unexplained audio during EVP recording sessions.