Who Am I?

Hi all, and thanks again for surfing my official personal website. If you’re not overly fussed about knowing a little bit about my background then feel free to peruse the rest of the site at your leisure. If on the other hand you do want to know then read on…who knows, it may be interesting!

I originally hail from that wonderful city, Nottingham; home to famous brands such as Boots the chemists, Raleigh bikes, and John Player cigarettes (only Boots now exists)…Anyway, moving swiftly on. In 2002 I auditioned for the show Scream Team, where I was successfully chosen from 1,500 others to appear on the 10 episode series; how lucky was that…either that or all the others were really bad, which I doubt! From there I was asked to join that ‘love it, hate it’ ghost hunting series Most Haunted…again, moving swiftly on…very swiftly.

And Then This…

In 2007 I met a pretty little lady called Sara Woodward during an investigation in Newark, a paranormal investigation of course. Fast forward a little to 27th September 2010, and to Comlongon Castle where Miss Woodward was in the process of becoming Mrs Sara Whyman (‘…and there was much rejoicing!’). We have a very clever son called Ben, who loves maths, and Xbox, and maths…and Xbox; in fact he currently holds the world record for the number of kills – 87 – achieved on a certain map for the game Halo 5 Infection (that’s the video…watch it!).

We run The Ghost Hunting Company Ltd, where paranormal enthusiasts can join me and Sara (and our rather splendid team leaders too) at a haunted venue, where we try to contact the dead…great fun, if you like that kind of thing (and if you do, then be sure to bookmark the site!).

I also like to dabble in composing synth-instrumental music, having been heavily influenced by Jean Michel Jarre in my teens!

In 1999 I put together an album of my songs called Within The Matrix, initially with 16 tracks. Since then I have added 6 more tracks, and this year (2016) completely remastered it. It is now available on iTunes and Deezer…so why not have a listen and if you like it make a purchase?!


We all currently live in South Yorkshire with a menagerie of animals: cats; dogs; tropical fish; two snakes…that kind of thing.

Now, was that interesting or what??

Phil W.